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Audio player intended for those who love impeccable sound

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AIMP Classic is a streamlined audio player that makes listening to your audio files a simple, pleasant experience. The system has plenty of advantages and relatively few drawbacks. For audiophiles who want a seamless, simple interface, this player is a hit.

The AIMP Classic's attractive interface is one of its biggest draws. All of the system's primary functions are displayed as prominent buttons that are easy to identify and click. Because the interface is so attractive and efficient, users are able to jump right into the software and listen to their music almost immediately. Skins are available to allow users to customize their AIMP Classic experience.

Another welcome feature of this audio player is its high sound quality. For anyone who cares about music or the spoken word, high-quality audio is a must, and lesser players just aren't satisfying. Listening should be a pleasure; with the AIMP Classic system, it is. Listeners can hear every note clearly and may even pick up quieter sounds they may not have realized were part of the master audio.

There are a huge number of different playback options are included in AIMP. One is the 18-band equalizer, which allows the sound to stay steady. Visualization effects, colorful patterns that flow and shift with the beat of the music, add another dimension to the experience. As the beat and the tone of the music change, the visuals change with it to reflect the smoothness of a cool modern jazz quartet or the frenetic energy of a favorite trip-hop track. A treat for the eyes and the ears, the system's visual panel is also customizable.

The window that has the selected playlist opens separately from the main file, allowing listeners to easily access the playlist and make changes or skip tracks. The system also fades out at the end of each track, creating a better flow than an abrupt, choppy series of songs. The automated volume control function keeps the user's ears from being blown out by a sudden increase in noise. Assigned hotkeys make it even easier to control the AIMP system and allow listeners to use the program without taking his or her hands from the keyboard.

AIMP Classic can also stream radio stations when it is connected to the Internet, and a repeat function lets users replay certain passages at a click. The repeat option makes it easier to figure out complex lyrics or marvel at a soaring guitar solo.

Pros of Installing AIMP:

  • Visualizations that allow listeners to experience songs in multiple ways
  • Playback options, including 18-band equalizers, fading tracks and volume control
  • Streaming online stations
  • Attractive interface with skins for greater customization
  • Simple hotkey controls for frequently used features

Cons of Installing AIMP:

AIMP Classic has few issues for most users. Some users have reported compatibility issues with the skins, but developers have recently released a patch that corrects this issue.

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